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Astro Shine

Moon Shine Lamp

Moon Shine Lamp


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Moon Vibe Lamp: Your Gateway to Serene Moonlight!

Bring the magic of the night sky into your home with our Astrovibe Moon Vibe Lamp. This unique lamp not only resembles the moon but also radiates gentle, calming moonlight, enhancing your sleep quality and creating a tranquil atmosphere.

Moonlight in the Bedroom:

Perfect for your sleep environment, the Astrovibe Moon Vibe Lamp casts a soft, muted moonlight that fosters a calming atmosphere, reduces stress, and promotes restful sleep. Ideal for both adults and children alike.

A Touch of Nature:

The realistic, detailed depiction of the moon on the lamp allows you to experience the beauty of our satellite up close. It's as if you have a small piece of the cosmos right in your room.

Adjustable Brightness:

You decide how bright you want it to be. Our Moon Vibe Lamp offers various brightness levels, allowing you to set the perfect moonlight for any situation, from a gentle glow to a cozy radiance.

A Gift for Tranquility and Relaxation:

The Astrovibe Moon Vibe Lamp also makes the perfect gift for friends and family seeking peace and relaxation. Show your concern for their well-being by gifting them a piece of the moon.

Calming Moonlight that Enhances Sleep:

Get the Astrovibe Moon Vibe Lamp and enjoy the healing power of moonlight in your own home. Turn it on, lean back, and let the magic of the moon accompany you into a peaceful sleep. 🌕🌙✨

Package includes

1x Astronaut Galaxy Projector

2x Bulb

1x Remote Control


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