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Astro Shine

Astro Mini Naut

Astro Mini Naut


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Astro Shine Mini Astronaut Projector: Your Personal Light Source with Battery Power!

Immerse yourself in the universe of light with our Astro Shine Mini Astronaut Projector. This cool gadget is not only an attention-grabber but also a lamp with two fantastic light options that transform any space into a captivating ambiance.

Sunlight Boost:

Say goodbye to gloomy days! The Sunlight option of the Mini Astronaut Projector conjures bright, sunny light into your room. Feel as if you're outdoors, even when you're inside. It's like a mini sunrise on your desk or nightstand!

Rainbow Magic:

Bring the colors of the rainbow into your life! The Rainbow option transforms your surroundings into a lively spectacle of colors. Whether you want to relax, celebrate, or get creative, this mode sets the right accents.

Wireless Freedom:

Our Mini Astronaut Projector is equipped with a powerful battery that provides you with hours of light enjoyment without annoying cables. And when the battery is low, you can conveniently recharge it, so the adventure can continue.

Astro Shine Style:

Our Mini Astronaut Projector features the same stylish astronaut design as our larger projector and phone case. It perfectly complements any space theme, adding an extraterrestrial touch to your room.

On-the-Go Companion:

The compact size of the Mini Astronaut Projector makes it a perfect companion for on-the-go. Whether in the bedroom, office, or camping – you can always create the perfect lighting mood.

Get the Astro Shine Mini Astronaut Projector and bring the universe of light into your life. Switch between sunlight and rainbow colors, shape your world as you wish, and enjoy the freedom of a wireless battery! 🌞🌈✨

Package includes

1x Astronaut Galaxy Projector

2x Bulb

1x Remote Control


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